How To Be Ready For When
The United States Breaks Apart...

What you're about to discover will have a major impact on how you see your future--like it did mine when I first learned about it--and, more importantly, what you need to do starting right now to prepare yourself and your family for when it happens.

It's a straight-to-the-point letter regarding the alarming path our country is headed down, written by a man named Don Koenig of who outlines not only why, but how and when America will soon fracture into several divided nation states.

Now, Mr. Koenig isn't the first person to espouse the end of the United States as we know it.

In 1998, for example, a Russian professor by the name of Igor Panarin boldly predicted the U.S. will collapse in 2010 due to "economic and moral" triggers which will result in a civil war and eventual break up of the U.S.

Believe it or not, Mr. Panarin proposed the United States mainland will actually be divided between China, Canada, Mexico, and Europe with Alaska going to the Russians as depicted here:

The U.S. Divided Among Foreign Powers (Image Credit)

While the professor may have got the date wrong--and I'd suggest the map is a bit ambitious too--his reasoning for our inevitable break up was dead-on and, regrettably, more appropriate now than ever before.

Regardless, we'll focus on Mr.Koenig's analysis and, so, many thanks to him for his insights.

Our Founding Fathers Feared Centralized Power, Until War Over Taxation With Britain Breaks Out

Mr. Koenig begins: "The United States of America is really 50 sovereign states in a union and that union can dissolve just like the Soviet Union did."

It's important for you to understand that America is really a nation of 50 independent states with their own governments, economies, and militias as well as very different political agendas, belief systems, and unique cultures to say the least.

These differences didn't come from nowhere... they came from our immigrant past.

No doubt, for more than a century America's "open door policy" on immigration worked to fuel America's growth by leaps and bounds.

But the now famous Statue of Liberty phrase, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." does have a hefty cost associated with it, and we're paying that price now.

More than a century before those words were penned (and prior to America's founding) the colonies had no intention of uniting under a centralized government until we were forced to fight for our independence from the British.

Even after the American Revolution ended many colonists desperately wanted to remain divided for fear of the more powerful member States controlling the strings of government.

In fact, the early colonies referred to themselves as a "league of friendship," preferring a weak central government to minimize abuse of power, and even taking more than ten years to draft the Constitution we're familiar with today.

IT'S NO SECRET: Our Founding Fathers feared centralized power and for good reason... they just fought a war to secure our independence from an oppressive monarch!

The "Left" Kills The 2nd Amendment, Pushes For Illegal Amnesty And Increased Socialized Medicine

The article continues: "The major possibility is that after national elections socialist / liberal / progressive forces take control of the executive and legislative branches of government and soon thereafter the Supreme Court. They then proceed to pass and uphold every sort of socialist legislation such as: hate speech laws, gun laws, immigration laws, socialized medicine, social activism, and secular humanism agendas in schools and places of work."

Much of this should sound eerily familiar to you by now.

The "left" constantly attacks your 2nd Amendment rights, often seizing on tragedies such as Fort Hood and Sandy Hook as a platform to chip away at perhaps our most indispensable of Constitutional rights: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

We Must Protect Our Right To Protect Ourselves (Image Credit)

Immigration laws are a joke as millions of illegals cross our borders unobstructed year after year, many of whom then gain the benefits of being on welfare, food assistance, public housing, and more... all without sharing in the responsibilities of paying for these expensive programs.

Obamacare IS socialized medicine which only seems to benefit the poor while expecting us to foot the bill.

Activists groups push their leftist agendas at every opportunity with scams like climate change and the carbon tax, they float amnesty to illegal immigrants, and even impose their brand of sexual morality upon our children without our consent through public school curriculum.

Secular humanism--the belief in morality without belief in God--is also being pushed down our throats without us even realizing it under the guise of programs like Common Core, the systematic removal of God from schools and textbooks, the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal, and more.

It's no wonder our nation is ever more divided year after year.

They've Spent Decades Militarizing The Largest Police State Ever Conceived For Our Collapse

The author further writes: "They also would outlaw home schooling, expand social give-away programs, pass tax laws that burden the middle-class, implement carbon restrictions and fees, increase big brother/nanny state police powers, and many other laws and regulations that subvert individual freedoms given under the Constitution of the United States. They will do it for what they will claim to be the greater good of society."

We've already covered much of this, but it should concern you greatly that our federal government continues to grow their police state powers by leaps and bounds, often under the pretense of the "war on terror," with the passage of otherwise absurd laws we would never have allowed such as the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012 and the Patriot Act before that.

These laws and others like them allow for unheard-of abuses of power, including indefinite detention without due process (even of American citizens), the use of surveillance drones on American soil, warrant-less searches and wiretaps... the list goes on.

These laws even allow the NSA to monitor and record every means of communication (including everything you do on the internet) of every American citizen, including you, regardless of suspicion of illegal activity.

We are assuredly living in a police state whether American's choose to realize it or not.

The Government Steals Money From You, Then
Wastes It On Incompetent Entitlement Programs

Mr. Koenig further explains: "They will muzzle politically incorrect speech and Christian proselytizing, subvert and brainwash our children with state approved text books and school programs [remember common core], and use national media for political and social propaganda [know that the federal government spends billions on propaganda each year and virtually controls the media's message]. They will establish unfair tax burdens on the middle class in order to redistribute wealth to the lower class -- specifically to those on welfare programs, poor foreign nations, and those people who come to this nation illegally."

Let me ask you: Does it feel like you get to keep less and less of your paycheck each year?

If not, it should because there are literally hundreds of ways the government extorts money from you and me.

Yes, individual income taxes are a part of it, but we also pay taxes in so many other ways, including: sales tax on the food we eat and on goods consumed, real estate and property taxes, capital gains tax, excise tax (such as gasoline purchases), user fees when we buy airline tickets and pay road tolls, the estate tax levied upon death, even social security, Medicare, and self-employment fees--which your employer pays for you if you're still fortunate enough to be employed--are all forms of tax.

Some estimate that the real tax rate for average, middle class Americans is between 43 to 58 percent!

Where does this money go?

Often to fund the wide range of socialist agendas mentioned previously, everything from welfare dole-outs to common core... you're paying the tab to further the left's aims whether you want to or not.

Entitlement Program Costs Are Astronomical! (Image Credit)

And let's not forget about the tens of billions of dollars we give in foreign aid year after year, often to terrorist-sponsoring governments and war criminals!

The Elite Are Buying Up America Using The Most Devious, Underhanded Con Game Ever Conceived

He continues: "They [meaning the federal government but it's really the elite via the Federal Reserve] will irresponsibly expand the money supply to pay increasing budget shortfalls, causing the dollar to lose much of its value. Their socialistic polices will create stagflation or hyper-inflation that will effectively wipe out much of the savings of ten's of millions of people."

This is important to understand, so I want to take a moment to explain it.

Many people don't really understand the purpose of inflation, let alone hyper-inflation, so here's the thirty thousand foot view...

Do you remember all the hoopla about "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, a while back?

The complaints about him printing money left and right and how it was going to destroy our financial system?

Yeah, THAT guy.

Bernanke is the man who is charged with purposefully (yes, I said purposefully) expanding the money supply by the elitist bankers and so called "one percenters."

It's literally his job to add more and more money into the financial system--which is the sole cause of inflation, by the way--without triggering (or at least delaying) a hyper-inflationary period.

Why is this important, you ask?

Because the elite use inflation as their primary weapon to buy up America right from under our noses.

To be clear, I'm not talking about driving up the price of your home, food, or electric bill so you can't afford it, though, this a direct consequence of inflation which all non-elitists like you and I feel year after year.

Instead, the elite use inflation as a "legal" means to buy up our land, natural resources, businesses, gold reserves... everything they want... until we collapse, and all as a direct result of their actions.

The Elite Have Another Trick Up Their Sleeve

Because they get their hands on the newly minted money before the rest of us (since they own the banks that later distribute the money), they can make use of that money BEFORE the effects of more money are felt in the economy which means their relative purchasing power is greater than yours and mine.

This, along with other tricks such as how they can change interest on money that doesn't even exit (called fractional reserve banking) means they can outpace inflation and over time own more assets than you or I can.

Normally, inflation is a slow and methodical approach to buying up assets but, because the elitist bankers realize we're nearing collapse, they've decided to ramp things up in a last-ditch effort to "legally" buy everything possible, at least, until the system implodes.

With tens of trillions of dollars in national debt, many tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities, and a dollar that has effectively lost 98% of its purchasing power since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, we are surely headed over the proverbial "economic cliff" if we're not there already... a cliff the elite have steered us towards for more than one hundred years... and all because of their greed and lust for power.

The Dollar Has Lost More Than 98% Purchasing Power Since 1913 (Image Credit)

No doubt your savings and retirement nest egg will vanish overnight when we, as a now failed experiment, finally declare bankruptcy.

This is where we're headed as a nation and I guarantee that you will NOT have time to react once we fall.

You simply MUST protect yourself--both financially and otherwise--while you still can, before time runs out.

How And Why "We The People" Beg Our State
Leaders To Secede From This Failing Union

The author continues: "At some point in the not too distant future I surmise that a significant segment of the population will rebel against this government and start a secession scenario similar to what I suggest later in this article."

Shortly after Trump's election a contingent of Californians put forth the desire to secede from the Union.

Don't overlook this short-lived eagerness for secession; it's not a radical reaction but, rather, a deep-seeded desire many Americans secretly foster.

Trump's election may not have been the catalyst to make it a reality at the time, but when the politicians who rule over the sixth largest economy in the world (that being California) have a real reason--such as economic collapse--they WILL convince a scared populace to secede, possibly kicking off a domino effect of secession movements like nothing we could have conceived.

The Californian Secession Movement Isn't Unusual

Texans, for example, regularly declare they should again be the "Republic of Texas" and it wouldn't take long for them to jump on the secession bandwagon once the dominoes begin to fall.

Many states in the South, in fact, have attempted secession, including South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and others.

As recently as 2006 some in Alaska have attempted secession.

Native Hawaiians would happily secede, with some actively promoting the Hawaiian Kingdom Government who believe their purpose is to "expose the occupation of our nation," according to their website, anyway... that being the Hawaiian islands.

Make no mistake, these folks truly do not believe they're American citizens but, rather, a peoples subject to unjust rule and unwanted occupation.

How long do you think it will be until they attempt secession?

There are even regional secession movements, such as the Pacific Northwest Cascadia movement (a movement that could affect my family and I since we currently live near Seattle) which would combine Washington state, Oregon, the Canadian province of British Columbia, and possibly even parts of northern California as well as neighboring states.

None of these sentiments are unique.

Believe it or not, one in four Americans favors secession from the Union:

1 in 4 Americans Already Favor Secession (Image Credit)

If it's not clear yet, the United States of America is little more than a collection of very different cultures, beliefs, and even peoples, only bound to each other because times are still relatively good.

When all hell breaks loose, however, this surprisingly tenuous bond in little more than name will shatter and we'll be a nation divided once again.

The United States Has Never Been A People More Divided, Politics Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Mr. Koenig continues: "Liberals make up the majority populations living in most large population states, in big cities, and along both coasts. Those that will oppose this move to communistic fascist-like socialism will be those who make up the majority populations living in the conservative Christian rural heartland of America."

If you live in a so-called Bible belt state, consider yourself one of the lucky ones... you have may be in the best of places to survive what's coming.

"A schism becomes likely between the two worldviews when it becomes obvious to the heartland people that the liberal coastal states will continue to control the American government and that this government will continue to pass and enforce despised amoral laws throughout the United States, regardless of state and local laws."

Is it not obvious already?

"It will especially irk those who believe in biblical moral standards and those who are strict constitutionalists. The heartland people will see national laws and regulations passed and enforced that will ever increase in scope to oppress the rights of freedom loving Bible believing people, corrupt their children, and rob them through unfair federal taxes and irresponsible federal monetary policy."

I couldn't have said it better myself!

"Some in the heartland of America will not endure these things for long after they realize that the liberal controlled political, educational, and media propaganda systems have stacked the deck so that the heartland people will not be able to have a major voice in the policies of this nation through any kind of civil democratic system."

I disagree with this assessment, only in that I foresee the liberal left not "enduring things for long" when they don't get everything their way, particularly, now that they're not in direct control of the federal government.

The author then boldly predicts: "The likelihood that this break up of the union will happen before 2025 A.D. The likelihood of some kind of break up of the union is about 8 on a scale of one to 10. The likelihood that the U.S. will fragment into many new nation states, in my opinion, is about fifty-fifty."

I'd argue that 2025 is a bit conservative given the many pressures we face as a nation, the least of which are the leftists not getting enough of their way.

I'd venture to say that before Trump's first term in office is over you and I will be in for a roller-coaster-of-a-ride... a ride that many American's will not survive.

When "We The People" Rebel It Will Quickly
Spell The End Of Our Great Democracy

"The counter-revolution from the heartland may start as a rebirth of the anti federal government American Patriot Movement and the Libertarians that all but died out after 9/11. The leaders of the movement will address government circumvention of U.S. constitutional rights and it will gain an increasingly large following when muzzled Christian conservatives also identify with their message and some support the movement."

Who's to say exactly which movement or rebellion will trigger our inevitable break up, either way we have become more divided as a nation due to a lack of sound moral judgment and general disbelief in God.

The bottom line is that we have become more fractured in our core beliefs than ever before and those differences WILL be the underpinnings of our collapse.

"The federal government will obviously oppose these constitutional militias or whatever they decide to call themselves and overreact against them with Homeland Security directed raids that will dwarf Waco. This will only help enlighten more people in the Heartland to the creeping government fascism taking control of government and it will spark secession movements in conservative states."

Yes, the ever-increasing militarized police state will attempt to crush initial movements in every way possible, from disinformation campaigns to outright military action against the populace... the elite will not let go of their death-grip on supreme control without a fight.

"As with prior federal agendas, they will threaten to withhold federal funds and use other coercion techniques against states that will not fully comply with locally unpopular federal laws."

The federal government regularly utilizes this tactic to coerce states to do their bidding.

They'll threaten to withhold funds for everything from roads to schools, all designed to force states to abide by their directives... and it works like a charm too.

"That will only alienate state representatives and legislators who will be under much pressure by the local people and cause them to threaten to cut off sending federal taxes to Washington. At some point one northern mountain state will put secession from the union to a emergency state referendum and it will pass. They will declare themselves a free state (like Kosovo) and invite international recognition. Other northern mountain states and some mid-western farming states might soon join with them and create a new union of states."

This is similar to how the USSR collapsed almost overnight and seemingly without warning.

But the powers who rule America won't go peacefully like they did in the former Soviet Union.

After all, we haven't been militarizing the most powerful police state in human history over many decades for nothing, do you really think they won't use it against us?

The U.S. Police State Is Stronger Than Ever Before (Image Credit)

To be sure, we've seen the police state in action many times recently, from the Ferguson, Missouri riots to the North Dakota Pipeline... the ruling class will not tolerate our disobedience for long.

The Government Retaliates With A Vengeance,
Fueling Secession Movements Like Never Before

Mr. Koenig states: "The federal government will use every means possible to outlaw all this but any federal police-state like actions will only bring violence from both sides and bring international scrutiny. The U.S. government will not be able to use the military to resolve the split because the military will also be totally split on these issues."

Regrettably, I disagree with this assessment as militaries are often used to quell rebellion at home.

More importantly, the military ranks are as much of a reflection of America's cultural divisions as are the states... do you honestly believe they will be united for the people when we truly need them to be?

Yes, there will be a few insubordinate military leaders and, yes, some brave soldiers will stand up and disobey their orders to assault American civilians, but most won't... human history has shown us otherwise time after time.

The author continues: "Shortly thereafter the Southwest states with large Latino populations will see this as their opportunity for their own nation. Even most of the Anglos living in the Southwest will not oppose the movement because most of them will be totally fed up with the way things are going. Indian nations will then secede."

Again, don't underestimate the many geographical and underlying cultural differences in America.

And he's quite right that large Latino groups will want to form their own nation state in the southwest, perhaps even across the entire South.

The same can be said for many other parts of the country.

"As the United States union fails, other regions of the country will see that they will need to form their own group of states. The east coast states could form one union and the west coast states another. The southern Bible belt states will also start their own union. Some Canadian provinces could join with certain former U.S. states, Others provinces might stay Canadian or form their own independent nation. A northern Mexican state or two might join with the Southwest states and Mexico may have their own secessionist movement in the Indian regions of the South."

I've already pointed out the Pacific Northwest Cascadia secession movement, but there are most certainly other movements afoot.

The United States could quickly dissolve into several distinct regional states, roughly approximating to the northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast, and midwest, though, there could be some "horse trading" from overlapping states depending upon what's being offered to them for joining one region over another.

Surprisingly, parts of Canada or Mexico could join in too... wouldn't that be really strange to consider!

How WW3 Kicks Off, While Russia And China Seize
On The Opportunity To Invade The U.S. Mainland

"For a while there will be the Balkanization of North America, but at some point for the common good of everyone in North America, most states will agree to join a new North American Union of states. It will start as a very limited form of federal government that will control trade, money, defense, and some limited social programs. It will not at first be dictating internal federal polices to the individual states."

He's talking about starting over here though, in my opinion, I don't see this happening for at least a generation or two due, in large part, to the coming devastation we will endure which will only intensify our underlying divisions.

There will be a lot of death and destruction before then, states will again be at war, families torn apart... this is what you need to start preparing for now.

"Much of the world will be having their own economic disasters and separatist movements and the weakened nation states will begin to look more toward regional branches of a world government. The regional branches of world government will allow local autonomy for nation states within global treaties. At least it will start out that way."

Remember that "as America goes, so goes the world" and that what happens to us will drastically affect much of the rest of the world... our break up will surely have a ripple effect across the globe, possibly even lighting the fuse that kicks off WW3 as our enemies (namely Russia and China) seize their opportunity to invade our precious homeland.

America's Break Up Could Kick Off WW3 (Image Credit)

Can you imagine that?

Not only will we be dealing with the aftermath of our own break up and financial collapse, a renewed Civil War like never before, but to also have to defend our homeland from foreign invasion on top of all that!?

Perhaps the Russian professor was right all along... that America could be divided among foreign powers.

Whatever comes our way, it will be an utter nightmare for everyone living through these times, but it will be you and I who actually have to survive it here in America.

He continues: "By the way, although this would be more unlikely, the break up of the United States could come about from a completely different direction. The Conservatives could take control of America and return it to constitutional law and biblical moral codes. And then the liberal socialist states might secede from the union."

That's what I pointed out earlier!

We Will Descend Into Martial Law, Civil War, WW3...
With Mass Chaos Never Before Seen Here In America

"Other possibilities are that after terrorist attacks or a national economic crisis, the U.S. becomes a police state and a counter revolution develops against federalized police powers."

This is precisely what I see as the most likely outcome: the police state kicks into full gear after economic collapse and then states begin to rebel.

We quickly devolve into Civil War as the nation states vie for power and, seeing their opportunity to strike, Russia and/or China attack while Canada and Mexico merely take what they're given, if given anything at all.

Mr. Koenig concludes: "The real point is not exactly how this break up might happen. The point is that America is becoming increasing polarized between liberals and conservatives, religious and irreligious, law abiders and criminals, police and citizens, educators and parents, tax payers and deadbeats, control freaks and freedom lovers, perverts and non perverts, etc. If this polarization of America continues to increase, we will either have a union break up or we will soon be living under martial law."

I firmly believe we will have both martial law and a break up of the Union, as well as a Civil War and quite possibly even WW3 at our own doorstep.

One Thing I Know For Certain...

We are so divided as a nation that we simply cannot continue to exist under the same flag for much longer.

It saddens me deeply to say this but it's a truth you and I simply cannot ignore.

We will collapse, the elite are making sure of it.

The end of America is coming and likely faster than most folks realize.

The End Of The American Union Is Surely Coming! (Image Credit)

You need to prepare for our inevitable break up now while you still can.

So, what can you do... what should you do?

This is a question I've wrestled with myself for many years.

For a brief time I considered relocating to Canada or further abroad but, like I said, the ripple effects of America's collapse will hit everyone hard and who knows what it will be like for American's living abroad (we could be persecuted just for being Americans, it's not unheard-of whatsoever) and, besides, this is my homeland... I couldn't actually imagine NOT living here.

The good news is that what's coming is not only survivable but you could come out "on top" if you play your cards right.

Indeed, you've already taken the first steps right now: you're understanding what's coming.

Now it's time to take the next step...

You can begin to prepare for our unavoidable collapse and ensuing break up while 99% of the American population remains oblivious.

Here's how...

My strategy is a three-fold approach: spiritual actions, strategic actions, and tactical actions...

Survival Strategies To Prepare
Yourself And Your Family Today...

Survival Strategy #1: Spiritual Actions

If you haven't found God yet, now is the time.

--> Read the Bible.

--> Go to church.

--> Pray.

Talk with your pastor or priest and ask for their guidance, as needed.

--> Above all else, accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

Accept Jesus Christ As Your Savior

These actions aren't difficult but they do take time, effort, and sincerity on your part.

Survival Strategy #2: Strategic Actions

--> Divest of some paper assets, mainly retirement accounts

...their value will be inflated into non-existence or confiscated.

--> Buy tangibles you can use when we collapse (and until we do)

...including non-perishable food, durable clothing and shoes, guns and ammo, or camping gear to name a few things... a new plasma T.V. or sports car are NOT what you want.

--> Convert paper money into hard assets, such as gold and silver

...focus on silver coins rather than gold since it's far less expensive to own than gold and more easily divisible for barter.

Plus, the elite already own most of the gold which further inflates the price.

The Elite Already Own Most Of The Gold

Survival Strategy #3: Tactical Actions

--> Be prepared to live without support systems particular, water, food, and electricity being the most vital.

The cost of food and power tend to inflate twice as fast as all other resources people need during a full-blown collapse. Focus on these areas but do not ignore the others I'll point out.

--> Be ready to defend yourself, your family, your home, and your possessions

...from looters, gangs, even friends and neighbors, and above all else keep quiet about what you have stockpiled or it WILL disappear soon thereafter.

Looters, Gangs, Thieves Will Steal Anything Of Value

--> Have the supplies and skills to deal with traumatic medical and first aid scenarios

...because disasters are the most likely times for a serious incident to occur to you or a loved one.

--> Stockpile life-necessary and over-the-counter medications well as a wide range of medical supplies and equipment, and know how to use them so you don't do more harm than good.

--> Finally, have a plan to:

  • Keep perishable foods fresh without refrigeration; I can show you several tricks to keep them good for months.
  • Dispose of human waste which is easy to get wrong and a likely reason to become deathly ill during any disaster.
  • Collect, store, and properly disinfect many water sources; millions die each year for lack of clean water and is the one resource Americans take for granted above all others.
  • Cook three meals a day without a working stovetop or oven; there are great ways to do so and even tricks I can show you to save fuel.
  • Light up the darkness for safety, security, and peace of mind, and be able to go "dark and silent" when necessary.
  • Keep warm in the freezing cold without central heat or cool when it's unbearably hot and no air conditioning.
  • Last, communicate with family and receive the most helpful news about what's really going on around the nation.

The aforementioned is just the start of all that you can do, but they are the basics to start with.

The Answers Americans Like You Need To Employ Before We Break Up

Because of my obsession with surviving our coming break up, I've uncovered the secrets few people could pull together.

You see, many people had a laser-like focus with survival... ex-military focused on weapons and defense, nurses and doctors focused on first aid and disease, and Eagle Scouts preferred wilderness survival techniques.

I didn't have a bias towards how survival "should" be.

Instead, I choose to learn it all and then compile my vast knowledge into a complete program for you.

No matter whether you're preparing for an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, floods, wildfires, blizzard, EMP, or complete nationwide collapse, you name it... this course will lay out the strategy for you to be 100% prepared no matter what disaster comes your way.

Remember this: If you're prepared for our inevitable breakup, you're really preparing for so many scenarios all at once:

No food, water, or stoves to cook on, or refrigeration;

No doctors, hospitals, medicine, or veterinarians;

No police, fire department, or first responders;

No lights, toilets, heat, or air conditioning;

No communications, phones, internet, or GPS;

No power, electricity, or natural gas service.

And, of course, no money, banks, savings, or retirement accounts.

Plus, nationwide riots, looting, pandemics... and mass chaos.

Our break up is without a doubt the ONE scenario which WILL trigger it all, so you need to be ready for it all.


Introducing A Highly Effective,
Yet Easy Family Survival Program,
Unlike Anything You've Seen Before...

The PREPARED Path uses a unique combination of straightforward actionable advice, videos so you can see concepts in action, and even links to free resources where you can discover so much more, all designed to be easily understood and fast acting so you can prepare yourself and your family for the worst as quickly as possible and for less money than you'd expect, plus...

Grab The Prepared Path Today And Discover:

  • How to effortlessly double your food calories for pennies per meal [module 2]
  • Precisely which foods to store and why as well as which ones to NEVER buy... they're a huge waste of money [module 2]
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  • Where to find an easy-to-utilize combat system to defend yourself and your family even if you have only your bare hands [module 5]
  • How to turn grains into a powerhouse food, increasing protein quality, fiber, vitamin yield, and more [module 2]
  • What the A.P.T. concept is and how you can use it to prepare for disasters, big or small, effortlessly [various modules]

I'll Even Share With You...

  • How to find "hidden" water inside and around the house [module 1]
  • Which antibiotics to store, where to get them, and how to buy them when your doctor says "no way" [module 4]
  • How to tell if your freezer food is bad with just a glance [module 2]
  • Why typically "safe" water sources such as swimming pool and hot tub water could be deadly to rely upon after disaster [module 1]
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  • Why you'll never throw away a 2-liter soda bottle again [various modules]
  • How to ensure your canned foods never spoil before you eat them [module 2]
  • Why, if you do this one thing wrong, you may never wake up to regret it (hint: it's especially prevalent during emergencies) and what to do to stay safe [module 5]
  • How to pull together a solar power station without breaking the bank [module 9]
  • Why tooth problems can kill and what to do when your dentist is MIA [module 4]
  • How to hide enough supplies and gear in and around your home to equip a small army [module 5]
  • Why you're doing more in a day to give away your survival activities than you ever realized and how to fix it so nobody suspects a thing [module 5]

You'll Also Uncover...

  • How to ensure your family has the most nutritious foods they need to not only survive but to be healthy too [module 2]
  • A hands-free method for cooking food, requiring no effort or attention [module 7]
  • How to keep from getting sick when there's no more running water, soap, flushing toilets... or toilet paper, yikes! [module 3]
  • 3 ways to take a hot shower each and every day, even when there's no more electricity or running water to be found [module 3]
  • How to build a first aid kit which will save lives and keep your family healthy when there's no doctors or hospitals around [module 4]
  • Why house fires could be the biggest danger post-SHTF and what to do when there's no firemen around to save you [module 5]
  • How to be the first to know when disasters strike and even how to uncover the information local authorities may not want you to know [module 10]
  • 5 ways to keep your family warm even when it's freezing outside [module 6]
  • How to care for children, pets, the elderly, and special needs individuals when there's no support structure in place [module 12]
  • Precisely which bulk foods to store, how to store them so they last a lifetime, and what to do with them once you have them [module 2]
  • How to keep the lights on, to keep from stubbing your toes in the dark, to keep the kids from being scared, and even to warn off intruders [module 8]
  • A simple solution to quickly add 100 gallons or more of clean water to your preps immediately before disaster hits [module 1]

...and so much more!

In fact, most of that was taken directly from the first handful of modules alone (there are a dozen total) ...the above was just a sneak peek of all that you'll discover inside.

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me

My name is Damian Brindle.

You may know me from my website,, a long-standing and trusted survival website with many thousands of readers.

I've spent the past decade studying and discovering nearly everything I can about survival, especially at home preparedness, to ensure my own family's survival.

I know more than most folks about bugging in, bugging out, food storage, off-grid cooking, home safety and protection, and so much more.

Over the last several years I've dedicated my life and my time to helping others just like you better survive disasters of all kinds. Like I said, it's my life.

I'm also husband to a wonderful wife...

My Wonderful Wife With Me... One Big Reason I Choose To Prepare

Father to two growing (and occasionally strange) boys who are now 11 and 14...

My Boys... And The Biggest Reason Of All Why I Prepare

As well as a devoted Christian and fellow Patriot.

I've spent years ensuring my family will be 100% safe, secure, and ready for the worst and now I'm offering you the chance to prepare your family through this unique survival system.

I guarantee The PREPARED Path is exactly what you've been looking for to fully prepare yourself for the worst.

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Ken Petrocelly: "The material is "Head and Shoulders" above other online survival publications. Your approach is logical and the material is well organized; covering many bases not even touched by the others."

Wayne Kilmer: "...I have wasted several hundred dollars on OTHER survival guides. New prepper you have got to have this, been prepping for awhile... you will find out what you have missed."

Nick Young: "The Prepared Path course includes a wealth of information on all the important topics... You can NOT go wrong! Invest in this course, no matter what you may already know (or think you know), because you and your family can NEVER be over-prepared!"

Stephanie Watson: "In this ever changing and stressful world I finally feel as though I can prepare myself for any situation. Yes, even a woman who has never even been camping. I have all the information I need at my fingertips!"

David Parker: "Plain spoken and easy to understand along with being well organized makes it easy to find subject that you want to concentrate on... I recommend everyone needs this program to plan for the unthinkable and unexpected. I'm really thankful for the opportunity to have it for me and my family."

Bill Clements: "I'd gladly recommend your course. It's easy to navigate and gives so much info. The information you provide is hard hitting and tells it like it is. It helped me to realize the tough calls I will have to make."

Matt Ballard: "I would highly recommend the Prepared Path to anyone wanting to learn new survival skills or refresh the skills they may already possess. One can never be too prepared."

Albert Horne: "This is one of the best laid out courses I have seen online....this course is your best bet."

And these are just a few of the many comments I receive from folks just like you after using this one-of-a-kind family survival training system.

Can I promise you will survive no matter what just by using the system?

Of course not.

But I can promise: if you grab this program and do what it says, you'll be far more capable than 99% of the American population...

  • to feed your family while others starve
  • to keep them warm while others freeze
  • to keep them safe when the riots start

...and you WILL know once and for all the strategies you'll need to do so.

Okay... if you've made it this far it means you can begin to feel how effective this system is and how much this is going to change your life for the better.

So how do you get started?

How much for the complete PREPARED Path system plus the "done for you" tools which I'll share in a moment?

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you're just getting started, or if you've been trying to prepare your family for months or years.

This is the only program like it in existence.

So there's nothing to compare it to...

Sure, there are plenty of survival courses out there which promise you the world but give you just enough to think you got something of value and then try to sell you on their next "must-have" course.

But this is the only program in existence which does all the work for you, and takes away the guesswork and the pressure to figure things out on your own.

The PREPARED Path shows you exactly what to do step-by-step, answers all of your questions--often before you knew you had them--and makes it as easy as possible to get yourself and your family prepared today.

But Let's Consider The Few Alternatives
For Getting Prepared On Your Own

You could attend a hands-on wilderness survival course

This option will cost you many hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars just for a single course.

You'll have to take off work, spend many hours traveling, and waste precious time knee-deep in some muddy swamp.

Sure, you'll learn some skills but they won't do you a bit of good unless you're in the exact scenario they teach and it sure won't help you be prepared to bug in at home or to bug out in your car, both of which are far more likely than any wilderness survival scenario.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on the many lackluster survival guides out there

You might learn neat ideas like aquaponics or how to build solar panels... neither of which you'll actually do... then get sold on the NEXT thing they throw together.

I've been asked to promote many of these guides on my blog,, over the years, most of which I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Many of these guides are just a waste of your time and, sadly, leave you less prepared than you realize because you mistakenly believe you have what you need when, in fact, it's only a small part of the survival "puzzle."

You could try to discover the many solutions I'll share with you inside on your own

You'll have to spend countless hours scouring the web's many hundreds of survival blogs and forums for the best articles and videos... the stuff you can really put to use... like I already have.

Do you enjoy your weekends? Spending time with your kids?

Too bad because your "free" time will be gone for the next several months.

Do you really want to waste your life searching for what's already gathered inside The Prepared Path?

Let Me Ask You A Question...

Do you love your family?

Deep down in your heart, would you do ANYTHING in order to keep them safe?

Nearly everyone would say "Yes, of course I would!" but their actions speak differently.

Sure, you might buy your significant other flowers on a special occasion, or take the family on a nice vacation once a year... even put money away for a college fund year after year.

But the fact is: NONE of these gestures will do a bit of good when the water stops flowing, when the trucks stop delivering food... when the bullets start flying and all hell breaks loose.

And when the "s**t s hits the fan" and you look at your kids--truly look at them--you'll see the desperation in their eyes, you'll feel the fear deep in their bones... you'll wish you would have done something different in this moment... to realize you could have kept them safe and well fed... just by taking action right now, and you didn't do it.

It's hard for most average Americans to believe but being truly prepared, having those things which can mean the difference between life and death, and knowing how you can keep your family safe is really just about doing a few little things differently.

Without a doubt, the techniques I share inside The PREPARED Path work very, very well.


And because I know you need help and because I want you to get your family prepared right now, I'm going to let you try out The PREPARED Path at a discounted price you're not going to believe.

The regular retail price of The PREPARED Path is just $99... much less than that generator you'll naively buy because some website "guru" said so... the generator which just collects dust and cost you several times more than you should have paid for it because you didn't realize there was a better option... and a lot less than it will cost you in money and time if you walk away without doing something right now.

But I realize $99 can seem like a lot of money to people sometimes, so I want to take away every obstacle to you doing this and getting your family prepared today.

Everyone who has used The PREPARED Path says it's a steal at $99

I could have easily turned this into a weekend workshop worth several hundred to attend... I was even flat-out told I shouldn't EVER sell the program for anything less than $67 or people won't value it's true worth.

But I want to make this a real no-brainer for you... I want you to see how well it works for yourself.

For a limited time I'm willing to let you have the entire system for just $27 today!

Plus if you act right now I've got not one, not two, but three game-changing bonuses for you...


3 Unique Reports Designed To Prepare You In One Easy Trip!

These three exclusive reports cover utilizing Walmart, Home Depot (or Lowe's or Menards), and Sam's Club (or COSTCO) to get you prepared with many of the basic critical survival items you're missing... all in a single shopping trip.

You'll be amazed at all you can do when you have the plans and checklists to make it happen since each report includes a printable, easy to follow, checklist to ensure you get everything you'll need to cover short term scenarios without missing a thing.

These reports alone could be worth upwards of $29 each but they're yours, FREE, and ONLY bundled with this special offer trial price of The PREPARED Path.

But wait, there's more...

Act Now And Gain Instant Access To My Unique
"Done For You" Personal Planning Tools Which
Took Me Years To Get Right, 100% Free!


These tools alone are so unique and powerful I'm not sure for how much longer I'll choose to keep them bundled with The PREPARED Path. Here's what's inside:

  • The "works like magic" way to plan for evacuation in mere minutes. You're going to love how you can answer a few questions, click some buttons, and presto... plan done.
  • How to ensure your family knows precisely what to do during any emergency, whether you're there or not, so much so you've only dreamed about it until now... it's easier than you think.
  • All the tools you need to prepare your family from top to bottom... you won't believe how easy it is to prepare your family when you have access to my survival toolkit.

And much, much more.

These "done for you" tools are the very best way to quickly plan for and ensure your family is safe and ready for anything, even if you're a beginner.

They'll give you a surefire way to develop comprehensive evacuation and disaster plans in minutes, including:

My Personal Evacuation Tools


My Easy To Use Disaster Planning Tools


My Unique Food Storage And More Tools


All total you'll get:

  • 5 Evacuation Planning tools (e.g., design bug out kit, evacuation procedures, priority checklists, bug out)
  • 4 Disaster Readiness tools (e.g., disaster action planning, task tracking, fire escape plan)
  • 12 Best Practices tools (e.g., firearms, water and food, wildfires, communications, etc.)
  • 4 Food Planning tools (e.g., food storage calculator, food storage recipes database)

You'll get more than two dozen tools so you can prepare your family from top to bottom fast and easy.

Every file (except for the recipes database because I had to write Excel macros for it) is designed as a PDF file and can be used with Adobe Reader on either PC or Mac computers.

They're all easy and intuitive to use but just in case I even have a dozen help videos should you find the need.

I could easily sell all 25 tools for $10 each and if I bundled them for half that price they would cost you $120 alone.

You'll get access to every single one of my Personal Planning Tools free, but only if you join now.

I've shared these with my family so everyone knows what to do at all times.

They're easy enough even elementary school children understand them.

More importantly, I'd like to share ALL of them with you right now.

Click Here To Create My Account And Get Started With The PREPARED Path Today, Plus Gain Access To My "Done For You" Tools And 3 Free Bonus Reports - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You're Covered By My "No Hassle, No Worries,
No Risk" 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here's how it works...

Simply join today at no risk to you.

Use the material as often as you like over the next 60 days.

Keep the dozens of "done for you" bonus personal planning tools and even the three free reports.

If you're not 100% satisfied by what you find inside and with the results you'll achieve, just email me within 60 days for a full, no questions asked refund.

No fine print, no BS... my word is my bond.


Truth be told, I love to over-deliver and if The PREPARED Path doesn't do so, if this program doesn't deliver the results promised, I don't want your money.

I've been doing this for many years now... preparing my own family and helping others while I'm at it.

I've helped many people get their families better prepared than they ever imagined and the vast majority of them come back to me and say, "This course is fantastic! It's worth 10 times the small amount you asked me to invest."

But, honestly, a few do say it's not for them.

And if you get inside, try it out, read the reports, use the tools, and still aren't blown away then simply let me know.

I'll give your money back without a hassle and we'll still part friends.

My goal here is to help you prepare your family as quickly and as easily as possible.

It really is this easy.

But you really do have to act right now.

If you love your family like I do mine then I want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to truly get them prepared for the worst right here, right now.

To do so I'm selling this program for just $27 (well below market value) but I plan on raising--even doubling--the price in the very near future.

Why? Well, as strange as it may seem, even though I want to help as many families out as possible I might actually have to raise the price to help the most people.

You see, so many folks wrongly believe getting their families prepared MUST be expensive, hard, and time-consuming to even get started.

They figure critical knowledge like this MUST cost them loads of money out of pocket.

Then when they hear they can get their hands on such a breakthrough program for such a low price, they just don't believe it.

So I may need to raise the price of The PREPARED Path specifically so more families can benefit from this program.

You have to act right now in order to lock in the low-low $27 trial offer.

Listen, I don't want to pressure you here but you've got a very simple choice to make...

You Really Have 3 Options Today...

Option 1 is to do nothing and leave

You can continue going the way you are now and getting nowhere fast, to keep...

  • Allowing the nagging "I'm not prepared" feeling in the back of your head to pester you nonstop
  • Feeling like you're failing your family each day you continue to do nothing
  • Praying each night tomorrow the "s**t doesn't hit the fan" because you're simply not ready for it

I'd say if you've made it this far it means what you've been doing thus far just isn't working.

It tells me you're ready to get prepared and you're willing to take action to make it happen, so leaving right now wasn't really an option to begin with.

Option 2 is to try to get prepared on your own

You'll take what you may occasionally learn browsing hundreds of survival blogs and forums...sifting through all the garbage... and try to figure it out on your own, hoping against hope you'll get it right.

You can try this but I can tell you from experience and from many years of being in the niche that so many people waste so much time and money following the wrong advice and buying the wrong gear the odds of you getting it right the first time are slim to none.

And then there's Option 3... risk nothing at all today

Grab The PREPARED Path family training program for just $27 today as part of this low-price trial offer.

Go through the material.

Try out my tested and proven strategies and become yet another survival success story.

All you have to do to get started right now is to click the "Add to Cart" button below.

You'll gain instant access to everything and will begin preparing your family for the worst only minutes from now.

Just imagine...

  • Having more food and supplies than most folks would know what to do with, enough to feed your kids for years to come
  • Being the only person on your block who knows what to do when the power goes out, when the trucks stop delivering food... when the riots start
  • The look on your neighbor's face when your house is lit up like a Christmas tree in the pitch black darkness and your chimney is a ablaze while his family freezes
  • Being able to stand up to those government goons when they try to take your food, supplies, and guns for the "greater good"... then move you to a nearby FEMA camp for your "own protection"
  • The scorn even your closest of friends and family will have for you when they realize how well prepared you and your family truly are... and how they wish they were too
  • How content you will feel knowing your kids are warm, healthy, well fed... and you're ready for anything no matter what comes your way
  • How easy all of this is when you have the "done for you" tools right at your fingertips

Just a few minutes from now you can have all of the material you'll need laid out step-by-step in front of you.

You can go through it at your leisure and have all the tools to prepare yourself and your family right now.

And you can discover for yourself how easy it is to get prepared, so your family will be safe, secure, and well taken care of while others perish.

I want this for you... and I hope you want this for yourself as well.

And I hope you will act now by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below and let my knowledge help you prepare your family for the worst.

Act now because tomorrow could be one day too late

Yes! I want to gain immediate access to The PREPARED Path right now and I realize by doing so I gain:

  • Complete access to the Member's Area where I'll have full access to all 12 survival modules, a $228 value.
  • 3 exclusive reports designed to prepare me in a single trip to the store, an $87 value, which I'm free to keep just for trying The PREPARED Path.
  • All 25 bonus tools covering evacuation, disaster planning, food storage, and more, a $120 value and I realize I get to keep them no matter what as well.
  • Unlimited email access to me via the Member's Area for one full year should you have any questions.

I understand this is absolutely risk-free to me and if at any time within 60 days I'm not 100% satisfied with everything included I may get a full refund, no questions asked.

I further understand my order via Clickbank is both secure and encrypted using SSL technology and has been verified to be malware-free by both McAfee Anti-Virus and Norton Security.

Ken Petrocelly: "The material is "Head and Shoulders" above other online survival publications."

Wayne Kilmer: "I have wasted several hundred dollars on OTHER survival guides."

Nick Young: "You can NOT go wrong! Invest in this course, no matter what you already know."

Albert Horne: "This is one of the best laid out courses I have seen... this course is your best bet."



Buy Now

Click On The Box Above To Gain Immediate,
Lifetime Access To The PREPARED Path Today!

Delaying even a moment could be disastrous.

I sincerely hope you'll consider this offer seriously and please feel free to…

Forward This Message To Family And Friends

Because, as I showed you in this presentation, the vast majority of Americans are woefully unprepared for even the slightest of emergencies, including your friends, your family, your neighbors... everyone... even you... until now.

Consider how irrational your friends, family, and neighbors WILL be during ANY truly lengthy emergency.

Most people choose to remain oblivious to the consequences of NOT preparing NOW.

Yet history has shown those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Me And My Family

The bottom line is: today, YOU have a choice.

Make the right choice right now.



P.S. #1: Once you join you'll have complete and continuous access to The PREPARED Path via the username and password you choose during your 60 day trial period at absolutely no risk to you.

P.S. #2: You'll even get to keep the 3 additional reports designed to prepare you in a single trip to the store.

P.S. #3: Remember too ALL 25 Bonus Personal Planning tools, covering disaster planning, evacuation, food storage, and more are yours to keep no matter what as well.

All totaled, the gifts alone are worth more than $207 (all yours to keep) while the entire survival course, gifts included, total a whopping $435... but you'll barely pay a fraction of the cost and instead pay ONLY $27 if you choose to act right now.

Don't let your family become another disaster statistic - protect yourself and your family by clicking here to join today. And do it now because tomorrow could be one day too late.

By making the right choice right now you can save yourself and your family from the worst while others beg for food, freeze, and even die when they could have thrived.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Let me go ahead and answer some of the most common questions I get about The PREPARED Path...

How quickly will I get The PREPARED Path?

Sometimes people write and say, "Damian, I want this now!" And I totally understand your urgency, which is why I deliver The PREPARED Path (as well as the bonuses) as an online digital product, accessible from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.

The way it works is fast and easy... as soon as you hit the "Add to Cart" button above, you'll be brought to the secure Clickbank checkout process and after you enter your credit card information (we take all major credit cards as well as Paypal) you'll be sent back here to register your lifetime account and, after doing so, you'll be given immediate and complete access to all of The PREPARED Path material only minutes from now.

You can access all 12 modules, download the many "done for you" personal planning tools, as well as the three free additional reports.

So really there is no waiting... no waiting for the postal service or UPS to deliver this days or weeks from now.

You'll be able to start digging through the material minutes from now.

What exactly are the Bonus Personal Planning Tools?

There are actually over two dozen of them, all of which you're free to keep just for trying The PREPARED Path.

Every file (except for one because I had to write Excel macros for it) is designed as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and can be used with free Adobe Reader on either PC or Mac computers.

Some files are static files which you can print out, check off, and reference as you like; the Best Practices files (remember they cover topics like firearms, wildfires, communications, etc) are good examples.

The others are dynamic files which means they can be interacted with on your computer and then saved for later modification, use, and reference as needed; the Priority Checklist and Design Your Bug Out Kit files are good examples.

These files were designed by me to be super easy to use, employing user-friendly ideas like pre-filled in checkboxes and dropdown selection boxes that make them fast to complete... most people have never seen PDF files this easy to use.

They're all easy and intuitive to use but just in case I even have a dozen or so help videos on using them.

Who should NOT buy this?

Hmmm... how about people who have too much money, too much time on their hands, or those who aren't ready to accept this fact: bad things can and will happen no matter who you are.

Even folks who have been prepping for a long time find the program eye-opening to say the least.

Honestly, anyone who needs to save money on their preps, anyone who wants to spend more time with their kids instead of reading blog after blog, and anyone who wants to keep their family safe can and will benefit immensely from The PREPARED Path.

What if I have a slow internet connection, like dial-up?

While there's so much else to the course, including the many tools you can download, reports, and plenty of free resources offered, if you have trouble watching YouTube videos then you will have trouble watching the videos offered.

If that's going to drive you crazy then you can always skip the videos and still get more than you realize out of the course but it's really up to you.

How fast will I get results?

This is really going to depend on you.

I've had people write me and tell me they pulled "all-nighters" because they couldn't pull themselves away. :)

On the other hand, I've also had people take weeks because they literally went through each and every video and piece of advice.

Yeah, there's a lot inside... far more than I bothered to mention above.

Most people find plenty of advice they can put into action immediately and then build from there.

If you follow The Path and do what I say, you'll have a really good chance of getting your family prepared in no time flat... even better than most folks can imagine.

Is my credit card safe with you?

Yes. In fact, I'll never see any of your personal information, not your credit card, not your address... nothing... and I wouldn't want to.

I will, however, be able to see the username you choose when you register so, please, keep it PG. ;)

I should mention all credit card processing is handled by Clickbank, my program retailer.

They are a big company and very trustworthy.

They take your information super seriously and process all transactions via secure SSL technology (the gold standard of online security) and even verify the transaction is free of potential malware using trusted anti-spyware software from McAfee and Norton (the two biggest names in computer security).

All you have to do now to get started immediately is to click the link below.

And, like I said, you'll gain instant access to everything and you'll have The PREPARED Path system, the "done for you" personal planning tools, and the three free reports as soon as you join.

There's a lot of really critical information just waiting for you inside... stuff inside the online training program I didn't even mention above... a lot of techniques, tips, and advice you can use to prepare your family as easy and as fast as possible.

But all you have to do is to click the link below to complete the process and you'll get the entire system.

You'll find out for yourself how easy it truly is.

And what do you have to lose?


Really, the risk is on me here.

The risk is you'll try this and maybe not like it, and ask for your money back.

Which is perfectly fine. It's ok with me.

And I'll do it, no questions asked.

The money is nice and I love doing this but it's not the primary reason I'm doing any of this... I'm doing this because I love helping people get better prepared as I've always done.

Again, my name is Damian Brindle, and I hope I answered your questions.

And I really hope we'll be able to work together to get yourself and your family prepared today.

So please click the link below and discover everything inside The PREPARED Path today.

Thank you so very much...

Click Here To Create My Account And Get Started With The PREPARED Path Today, Plus Gain Access To My "Done For You" Tools And 3 Free Bonus Reports - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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